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Privacy policy

1) Industrial and intellectual property rights 

The entire content of the Bàsquet Manresa website is the property of the company, and only the exploitation rights of the same correspond to it, in accordance with the current legislation. The company is also the owner of the Bàsquet Manresa brand as well as the web page Bàsquet Manresa, however, recognizes industrial and intellectual property and exploitation rights to those third parties whose products appear on the Bàsquet Manresa website. The appearance of the website of Bàsquet Manresa of said articles does not imply the existence of the company’s responsibility for them, more than that derived from mere commercialization.

2) Accessibility and use of the Bàsquet Manresa website

Access and use of the Bàsquet Manresa website will be the sole responsibility of the user. The user will have the same responsibility regarding the use of the contents of the Bàsquet Manresa website. Bàsquet Manresa does not authorize the total or partial duplication of the web page, or any of its contents, unless expressly authorized by the firm.

3) Website content

The content of this website has been prepared with both information from the company and external companies. For this reason, Bàsquet Manresa advises checking the information provided corresponding to external sources, and responds only in those cases of content from the company itself and duly identified by its Copyright.

4) Service 

Bàsquet Manresa may temporally and unilaterally suspend access to the website. You can also modify the conditions regarding accessibility, as well as the contents of the website.

5) Legal liabilities 

Bàsquet Manresa will in no case be held responsible for damages caused to users or third parties as a result of the improper use of the website, or any of its content.

6) Data protection law (LOPD)

In compliance with the provisions of the LOPD, we inform that your data will be processed in our files, in order to maintain and comply with the relationship with our entity, including sending communications within the framework of the aforementioned relationship. Likewise, your data will be transferred in all those cases in which it is necessary for the development, compliance and control of the relationship with our entity or in the cases in which it is authorized by a norm with the rank of law. In compliance with the LOPD, you can exercise your ARCO rights before Bàsquet Manresa, with address in Carretera de Sant Joan a Manresa, Pavelló Nou Congost s/n 08241 Manresa, attaching a photocopy of your ID. The content of this communication, as well as that of all the attached documentation, is subject to the duty of secrecy and is addressed only to its recipient. In the event that you were not the recipient, we request that you indicate it to us and do not communicate its content to third parties, proceeding to its destruction.

7) Bàsquet Manresa conditions

The use of the Bàsquet Manresa website implies the tàcit acceptance of these conditions of use. Any complaint or suggestion about the service provided by Bàsquet Manresa should be sent to:

[email protected]